Divorce and Compensation

Hi Sir, This is a problem regarding my parents. Since my childhood they were never close to each other and always fought with each other. Every summer, due to holidays, my dad leaves home and never comes back until we go to elders or police and tell them about this. This fighting and escaping happened since my childhood and I am now 25 and this still continues. My dad earns money well, but he spends only a little money for family and whenever my mother/me questions this he escapes and goes somewhere. Now he has a lot of debts somehow which we donot know why those debts came up. Few years ago some elders and we approached the police, they brainwashed him and he promised to stay with us and take care of us. Since then, still he only used to spend 25% of his salary to the family and he never gives a single paisa saying he has debts. For many years, debts are still increasing so we found out he's been giving money to some woman. So we went for the police again and this time to my dad promised not to do such things and stayed for a while in home. Now he left us since few months and my mother got fed up of this and wanted to file a divorce. But my dad is not willing to give any share of his salary to us and he says he can give only 10000 and my mother should keep silent. But due to law, we heard we get more than what he is willing to give becz his salary is nearly 80000. So knowing this he devised a plan. He took some loans from bank and due to loan recovery he is now getting salary of 20000 only. This way he says he will give half of what he is getting, i.e. 10000. Let us know how to proceed on this issue.