False case under section 138

Dear sir, I am a victim of false case under section 138 i have given a vendor a security chq (blank) against our day to day transaction on belief. Everything was working fine for 6 months we use to take material and pay him. But once our payment got delayed for amount of 35000/- he asked for money we were unable to pay him on time and things got delayed after couple of day we tried to pay him 35000/- he started asking for interest on the same amount and demanded 40000/-. We denied to do so and had an hot argument on the same with the vendor and things got worst. He wrongly wrote 345000/- the chq and deposited the chq in the bank chq got dishonored. Now he field 138 against me later once again had conversation and recorder the whole thing via mobile in which he agreed the actual demand was for 35000/- but now he wants 345000/- we replied via advocate attaching the recording and denied for the case there was no activity fro couple of months now he has send me a summon for the same case. I need help on the same. 1. I want to teach him a good lesson for such an fraud. 2. How do I dissolve the whole case. 3. What action to be taken on the same.