Wife Treating with 498 Case

Duration of Marriage : 3 Years Age :33 My wife has filed a 498 case against me and my mother as she want more money for her aged parents. But my mother doesn't stay with me even then they included my mother. But we paid amount so they with drew the case. My Wife doesnt want divorse (last option for me as well) but she demands money constantly and her brother threat me orally. Currently i dont have any proof for their actions. But they constantly threat me with 498 I have a Son of 2 years old and is preterm baby and now he is suffering from celebral palsy ( he can't walk and talk) I am not sure what his future is and i spend 10 to 15 thousand for his monthly hospital expenses, and they also visited my office (private) and thrown false allegations. because of which i may have to leave the orgination. Even though i earn around 50K due to these expenses i dont have much savings or any of the property till now. My mother has a Home on her name which is her own earning. Currently I am feeling like no other option apart from running away. Can my wife claim my mother's salary/pention and home in my absense. Is Divorce alimony is based on my current salary or by past salary(if current is less than past) I am in a way ready for diverse but my child and mother will be victim of my wife. Please suggest RK