Can my Girl friend's family file cheating charges on me?

Hello Sir, I am in love with my girlfriend since 4 years, she is a major. Her parents and her family are well aware of our relationship , but I have lied one single thing to them that I am a Bramhin. They are typical bramhin family and I am a SC boy. They still think that I am a Bramhin hence I will marry their daughter for sure , I am in deep love with her and would happily marry her but I know very well that if I say the truth to them that I am SC they will kick me out of their world and may take legal action too for lying them that I am a Bramhin. Anyways I haven't kept my GF in dark, she knows all the truth about our caste issues and all since long, but recently since some days she has been forcing me to tell all the truth to her family and giving me hints like she wont elope and wont go against her parents decision. I respect her decision. I just wanted to know , can her parents file a case against me for cheating ? What should I do now please advice. I dont want any police cases as I have some jobs in hand and dont want to loose it. Is our country still discriminating between castes.!!!!!!!! Please suggest me the corrrect path.