Means of filing for contested divorce

My husband and I got married less than a month ago. He is a student in UK and is scheduled to leave for UK within a week. Right after the wedding, we travelled to a different city in India where I had to take my university examinations. All costs of travelling and staying were borne by my family as my husband was not given any money by his family before leaving from our hometown. Over there i was subjected to extreme verbal abuse, mental torture and aggressive behavior by my husband during a period of 12 days after which he came back to our hometown and i stayed back for the rest of my examinations. He would constantly threaten to tear my books and papers and would have extreme temper tantrums over unknown reasons or very trivial issues. I had to study and sleep on the floor before my examinations and received no cooperation whatsoever from his side. Since he came back, no efforts of reconciliation have been made from his family or him and he has even asked me not to go with him to UK or call him. He has blocked me on all social networking sites and his family has refused to have an open discussion with me, my parents and him. They are content in letting us live apart. I feel cheated and i would like to stop him going back to UK to continue his studies, file for damages and compensation and then take a divorce. I would like to see him and his family punished for treating me this way.