Association registration under 1972

Hi Sir, I am an owner of apartment located in Electronic city phase-1. Our builder got approval from panchayat to make g+3 apartment but he maid 3 penthouses as well. He had to to construct 24 flats but he did 27. penthouse guy is forcing and playing mind game to register association under 1960 but we came to from many sources that 1960 is not worth and have no use. So just want to know can we register our association under 1972? If yes I have some query listed below: 1: How will we handle Penthouse case? 2: One advocate is ready to register and he said 2/3 majority we need for this. Its true? 3: What will be the total (Approx full and final ) cost for this? 4: How many members are required for association? like president, secretory etc. 5: How much time it will take? 6: What if 3-4 people make group and ask to not register with any reason here they are saying cost and it comes from penthouse guys? 7: Can I get anyone of you who can help us in registering it under 1972? 8: Our land is BDA approved and it was for villa project where these small builders have taken 2-3 plots and constructed apartments in my case land area is 6000+ sqft. Can we get OC infuture? 9: Builder has given undivided land share to pent house guys also. Is it legal? Ill be very Thankful if all of you help me on this. Thanks, Raghavendra