my bike is 100% not involved in accident,but still they are not g

my bike is 100% not involved in accident,but they are trying to claim insurance ,it was almost 5 months now,still they are not giving it back nor submitting it court of law,they lost lost my RC which was given to them, and i have complained to sp,vellore and given legal notices to them,but no response from them ,what should i do now,( NEED A CRIMINAL LAWYER FROM TAMILNADU ,PREFERABLY AROUND VELLORE TO HANDLE THIS CASE,THANK YOU) 01. I submit that i am the owner of the two wheeler bearing Reg .No. AP 03 AS 5086.That on 30.01.2014 at about 6.00 P.M the special sub inspector of police ,Walajapet police station ,namely MR.SURESH KUMAR along with S.I. of police .Traffic police station ,chittoor,A.P. came to my house and demanded said two wheeler from me .I wanted to know why they are demanding my two wheeler. 02. The said SURESH KUMAR told me that there was an accident on 30.11.2013 at about 7.30 P.M . in front of Namakkal Lorry owners Association office on the golden quadrilateral road near Walajapet in which a two wheeler is said to have been involved and in connection with the alleged accident ,the said suresh kumar demanded the said two wheeler from me. 03.I was shocked and surprised over the demanding of two wheeler as I never ran the same on 30.11.2013 or at any point of time in the alleged scene of occurence .Therefore I expressed my innocence and refused the hand over the said two wheeler to them .But the said suresh kumar and S.I of police traffic ,chittoor Town threatened and intimated me under the guise of investigation and took the said two wheeler forcibly from my hands and also the R.C .book of the same and asked my client to appear before him on 31.01.2014. 04.Aggrieved over the act of the said suresh kumar,I came to walajapet and perused the FIR in cr.No.1158/2013, relating to the alleged accident from the perusal of the FIR,I came to know that a two wheeler bearing Registration No. AP 06 5086 had been involved in the accident which took place on 30.11.2013 at about 7:30 P.M . and not AP03 AS 5086 as alleged by the said suresh kumar .since the last numbers of my two wheeler tallies with the two wheeler involved in the accident ,the said suresh kumar is trying to implicate my two wheeler falsely for the purpose of claming compesation. 05.Instead of seizing the two wheeler bearing Reg No. AP O6 5086 in connection with the said accident ,the said suresh kumar illegally and unlawfully seized the two wheeler bearing Reg No. AP 03 AS 5086 from me and keeping the said two wheeler with him .I came to know that he has been removed the number plate of my two wheeler for the reasons best known to him and he has no power to do it. The said suresh kumar is trying to change the number plate of the said two wheeler for false implication.Iam an innocent and not in any way connected with the alleged accident .The act of said suresh kumar who is the special sub inspector of police ,Walajapet is highly illegeal and unlawful and it has no sanction at law. Because of the irresponsible act,I am put to untold hardship and mental agony .Agrrieved over the act of said suresh kumar ,I issued a lawyer notice dated 05.02.2014 marking the copies of notice to the S.P.,VELLORE and Chief Minister special cell in which I sought to return the said two wheeler to me.