Annulment of Muslim marriage

I recently got married in october through a social nikah and the marriage is not registered so far, In short time it became visible that my wife has concealed her subfertility due to harmonal disorders. She had irregular periods most of her life , cycst in ovaries and accordingly diagnosed with PCOS 6 years back . On further testing after marriage it became clear that she is currently suffering from an additional harmonal disorder which makes her ovaries age earlier then her age- Diminshed Ovarian Reserve which makes conception even more difficult. Unfortunately she is as well not cooperative for undertaking diagnosis tests like internal ultrasound. I came to conclusion the infertility issues were known to her and decided to confront directly to which she disclosed that she has been diagnosed with PCOS and other harmonal disorders besides of not having regular periods most of her life. Her condition renders her into subfertility and has severe implications for kids if ever conceived. The marriage was not registered so far , I feel sad for her situation but at same time being cheated and frauded is not a deniable fact which has further been established with her direct disclosure after marriage. Q1 - Do I have right for Annulment of this marriage without registring it ? Q2 - Is there something like Annulment with mutual consent ? Q3 - Is some kind of affidavits for Annulment with Mutual Consent due to fraud , sufficient.