Mental harassment from husband and in laws

I got married on Jan 2015. My mother in law started abusing me with indirect words where I initially was not able to understand from the very next day I went to their home. I have told her act to my husband but he is not least bother about it. He say they are like that only. Later he started abusing me in every small thing and started to should me and ignore in front of his sister and my in laws. As a new bride I'm shocked to see all these behaviour. These all happen in only a month of my married and My husband started sexually harassing me and asks inappropriate way about sex. It's a mental trauma everyday, I decided to tell to my parents and they made him understand my problem in his house but went in vain so I decided to tell to my father in law but then I understood even he is also a part of it. They take as an insult for what ever I do. If my in laws want to convey something they are never direct. My mother in law and sister in law will come and sit where ever I am and talk to each other so that the message should reach me.. I don't understand why they are doing this instead of talk to me directly. Every day there is new drama from everyone in his house. I couldn't take in anymore and came to parents house on June 2015 and staying here from then.. For Jan 2016 it'll be a year and from 7 month I'm staying away from him in my parents house. I have no hope and don't like my entire life to adjust to these kind of people. I can have better life instead of living with traumatic people all my life. I have spoke to him about divorce and it seems like his dad is playing a major role and he is not willing to give divorce. Is there any solution for this?? As complaining about them will worsen my situation.. There are not at all easy people they can do anything and everything to hurt me and my family.. Is there any way I can do for him to agree upon mutual divorce.. Please help..