Fraud Document Writer

Dear Sir/Madam, Could you please tell me whom do I approach to file a complaint against a document writer? Also how do I check to know if she is a licensed document writer? A gift deed was registered in my name by my mother. Once the document is registered, it is the duty of the document writer to handover the payment receipt (fees paid for registration) to me. On checking the registered documents, I noticed the deed was prepared by her advocate. If she is a licensed document writer, doesn't she have the right to prepare the document? The document writer provided her licensed number as 2294. Is this correct? There is no other details provided. She has taken an amount that comes to a total of Rs. 35000/- That is for Registeration of gift deed, location sketch and encumberance certificate. On checking with few local advocates in Cochin, Kerala, I came to know that the fees she has charged me is too high, for the value of my property. She has also collected Rs. 2,500 for preparing the Will document in favor of my brother who is mentally challenged. I came to know there is no validity for such document, when the person is insane or there should be a guardian appointed. I asked the document writer to return the money but she refuses to pay the amount. Hereafter, I don't want any innocent person to get into trouble just like me and so I want to file a complaint against the document writer. Can anybody provide advise regarding this?