Transfer of case to a different court.

We have property which was owned by my maternal grandmother. We had never asked for any share of the property. Maternal grandfather after grandmother expired along with one of our uncle (mama) combined made an gift agreement and name a section of the property to my mother (housewife). My father build a house on that property with his income. Later he sold the property to another person legally. After my grandfather and mother have expired my uncle had send a notice that he assisted in building the property and claiming some money for the property. First is it a case valid? My father has re-allocated to a city location in same state, I stay in another state. He is a senior citizen, a doctor and stays alone. Is there a provision to move the case from that court to the city location where my father stays? It suits me to travel to city as well instead of the town where the case is filed. The new owner of the property is in good terms with us and will be in our favour. Also what action could we take from the harassment every time? First time was an FIR and now a notice.