I stay in UK with my husband and kids, I want to apply for divorce in India, where I got married. It's been 9 years I got married and we have 2 kids. Even stayed in abroad so far and visit India once in year I am not happy. I am house wife and my husband is a doctor. I have everything from people's point, but I don't and my husband don't connect to my parents from the beginning and he thinks earning is important and he gave me everything and I have to respect everybody whom he related to like his family and friends. Every other one from his family involved in everything of us. Example I have to go inlaws place 1st and then to my parents place and returning also from there and also auspicious day etc. And in every other thing my husband's younger sister involves. When I started to question and arguements started he took to a psychiatrist and I consumed some anxiety tablets for 2 years , when we went to India we had a counselling with physiologist. For people he is very soft person. I want to know what is the process and documents required.