Marital issues with wife - Short tempered & Compatibility Issues

It was an arrange marriage & got married in Dec 2014. Both of our families had compatibility issues and often had lot of misunderstandings. She hardly stayed for few months at my place after marriage, her materialistic expectations were damn high & need to travel around the world. I'm not such a affluent person, she wanted me to move away from my parents & I did it. But the game continued, fights for my father property to be divided and When I didn't show interest as it was my father's self earned. Thereafter I've been physically hurted, mentally abused and even she tried blocking my breathe with pillow while I'm asleep. Later I'd to walk out from the house, she filed fake DV on me. But court never believed me, Polic harassed too and then I after all the pressure I thought of giving her an another chance so took her back meanwhile she withdrew her DV Case. But things never changed, physically hurts me, mentally torchers me but i waited patiently. Daughter was born but still she didn't change. After all this my wife physically hurts my baby to show anger on me. I'm not able to bear this pain and lead this life with her. When I dialed 100, police turned in and advised both of us. But she was more anger on me that I'd called them and went back to her mom's place. She isn't interested in giving a divorce and wants to come back but it's like that I'll be her ATM since her parents are not financially well off. How should I proceed for Legal separation.