Re. Application of Sec.205C of Co.

Respected Sir, in the year 1983 CBI started a case against me on the application of UBI for defalcation of case. In course of investigation CBI seized all my FDR A/C ( total value Rs.54,000) maintained with difference companies. After 30 years the case was disposed and I was acquitted from all charges and CBI was directed to return all documents. After getting the possession of the FDR I contacted the companies but they denied to pay on the ground that all money deposited with EPF fund of Cnetral Govt. by application of Sec.205 C. I applied for refund of money to the Ministry of Co. Affairs. The Cabinet Secretary informed me that as I did not inform the co. on maturity of the FDR, they cannot do any thing. I asked how could I inform the cos. as the FDR's were with CBI custody which were freezed and my case was sub-judice. How you could apply Sec.205C? But I did not receive answer. I submitted a letter of CBI giving all information regarding freezed a/cs. Please how I could get my money back with due interest. I am at present 65 years old having no income. Please help me Sir.