I am married since 8 years now, every time my wife quarrels with me for small and silly reasons , We have 2 kids , 1st child 7 ys old female, and 1 yes old male kids , every time in front of the kids she keeps on fighting, See let me be frank with you , our was unforutnate an love marriage arranged, by parents , at the time of of love days she was good and kind, later , she began to show her original color, i Just want to know few details before filling a Divorce. 1) She is a working women , and I am working Professsion ( Does the compensation comes into picture as we both are working ( according to indian law ) ? 2) We have 2 kids ( one 7 yrs old daughter, and 1 yr old son ) if we go ahead with the Divorce, what happens to the kids , will each one gets one kids or how ?as per law 3) Can we ask for the child we wish to have with us ? 4) For mutual Divorce how does the law process ? 5) For one Side Divorce , how does the law process ? Kindly let me know the answer for the above questions , asap my mail id - [deleted] Thank you, Jagdish babu