Dear sir in my family we are two brothers and one elder sister. my father expired in 1991 from then my younger brother were sent to my Bua ji's house as our financial condition was not good. my mother had an paralised attact and she were on bed for two to three years and she had starting wirh some metal problem, she even could not be able to take care of two children one was my elder sister and me . our neighbour were very helpful theyhelps us a lot in our education and other etc. after so many years when i passed out my sr.sec i brought my younger brother back to house. now we both are living saprate with our wifes and sister also married. but for my mother as she is taking treatment from a mental hospital and now aged of 62 very old are not able to live alone. i wish that she sould live with us and we are ready also but sometime she creats lot of problem to my family as she ran away from Home to somewhere unknowngly. she also want to live with my youger brother and he All the time dinied to keep her at his house. he do'nt want this reponsibily. pls guide can this is possible that if she can live with both of us monthly? then she will be happy to live. i asked theek same from my brother but he refused. is there Any law that bound him with responsibility of our mother? we my sister and me have changed our religion from hindu to christian as we learn and developed with their teachings. my younger brother and my mother are hindu.