Correction in Residing Place

Dear Sirs, 3 months ago my wedding took place and on the same day we went to municipal corporation to register our marriage and we completed all the formalities. my wife is NRI but the lawyer/advocate attached her PAN card (which she obtained from Abroad as NRO account) and too her Ration card from her dad by a mischief. as she was an indian citizen 10 years ago, her name is there in ration card. now the marriage certificate is issued and the residing place is mentioned indian city, while originally she is an NRI. municipal corporation registrar is arguing with the fact that once the memorandum is signed, they cant change the details mentioned in it. so we rectified this error of lawyer and resubmitted an NRI marriage form and other relevant documents but now once again that registrar is asking us to wait as they will contact state govt for this issue because they have no clarity. now my question is, my wife is back to her country of residence. we do not know whether this was registered under special marriage act or not and moreover, we need a correct marriage certificate immediately. any advise please?