Abusive wife harassing Husband

Me and my wife working in a PSU company in equal grade. we got married in 2008. Its a love marriage . I belongs to ST community. She is Yadava community. Because of this her family didn't accept innitially. After a long struggle they accepted.She some how convinced their parents like she wants only me not my parents. I came to know this recently. From day one she wants only me not my parents. They are at my native place and we both are at salem. She never allowed my parents to visit any stay with me at least for 3 days continuously and also shown displeasure to visit to my native place. And taken full control of our family. Due to which we got quarrels and one stage she went to her native place with my 1 year baby boy with out informing me and never returned to me. After i came to know that she left my son at her house and she stayed in Working womens hostel for job and applied for transfer. she never answered me over my phone call even their parents never spoke.They were very happy that she was with them. Then i approached her personally at her office and asked for return with my son. But she was very stubborn. i couldn't see my son for nearly 2 years. But approached her continuously and requested her return. After a long struggle she accepted with following condition. 1) My parents should not vist us. 2) I Should not take my son to my parents. 3) But She can vist their parents at any time with my son. 4)And she will not spend her salary for family. and i should take care of everything. Because of my son, i accepted every thing and i requested her atleast let my son to see my parents atleast 6 months once. Then in 2012 she returned to me with my son. From that day onward she is using me for everything and its not like a family life. She just order me what to do and what should not do. I just followed her with lot of stress just for my son's sake. I crossed that tolerance level. I can list out the issues for quarrel.But it will occupy another page. She is not at all even giving me food properly.After the issue 2 months back, She started to prepare food for her and my son only. For me no food. Then i started to eat in hotel. My son started asking why Dad eating out side. Then She asked me to eat at home. But i refused and still eating in hotel. whatever she do is right. If i say anything which is not right, she will shout like anything. one day i stand firm on one thing she is not right. On that day she used a word that i couldn't digest yet. What she said was,she will complain Woman's police station with some allegation(wrong) and put me in jail and ruin my whole life and also i should forget my son. i'm just running my life with lots of stress and strain. I'm just crying alone. I could not tell all these to my parents since they are very aged. I want to get rid of her. But i want full control of my son or in touch with my son. What to do? please help me..