Agency Sold buyback Car to someone without Changing Ownership

Hello I bought a New Car from Hyundai Showroom in Faridabad, in exchange of my Old Maruti Car. They gave me Purchase Letter mentioning date and time of delivery taken, milage at which they recd. car, and also it was written on the same letter, that the vehicle is procured at @xxx price and entrire risk, and any legal liabilities that may arise will be our responsibility. and I have to pay only pending challans, payment of taxes etc. Also they got papers signed from me for ownership transfer. Now it is 10 months passed. They sold the Car to some in Faridabad without getting transferred and second party again sold to some in punjab sameway. I am following with the Agency people since last 4 months, they say, all the work is complete, you will be getting changed RC copy in next 3 - 4 days. Please wait and that day never came. and still vehicle is showing registered in my name in RTO records. One more problem has also arisen, the agency is now closed down completely and building is also dismantled and everybody has been sacked by the ahency and all left. Still I am in touch with two persons who were involved in the dealing Thoough they are answering to my calls, but nothing seems to be in progress. Please advise, what should I do, so that I should not be held responsible for any thing in future.