Relief from Permanent Injunction

Sir, i am Ravinder sekhon from Punjab, We have a joint Agriculture property from my Mother's side, we wanted to sell our share in the joint property but the other co-owners who has already sold of their shares objected us not to sell and took Stay restraining us not to sell our share from particular Killa numbers . On other side they had already sold their share from particular Killa numbers and given possession to buyers even on particular Killas. 1. We have filed Written statement for Status-co. 2. Case for Partition of Share has been forwarded by them since few Months back just to stop buyer to buy if we want to sell. but now we have given written statement to Tehsildar for Partition of share that we agree. 3. We have Inquired further back and we came to know that in 1980 some sold our share on Name of my Mother where as My mothers mother got expired in 1981 and Registry of land took place in 1980 , Mother's Mother Varasat Mutation came up in 1982 and Mutation of property sold in 1980 Came up in 1985. We have taken out old sale deeds and came upon that their was some one else who sold of that particular killas on my mothers Name. Now what all can be done from our side plz