Hi, My property is located in Karnataka. In our family we have 3 properties, 1) 8 acer land and 2) Two house It’s all are belonging to my grandfather’s property after my father death (elder son) my grandfather’s decided to share the property, there have discussed to share the property among the family members i.e. to my late Father & my uncle. Partition details: one house for my uncle and one house for my name (my late Father) and 8 acer lands divided by 4 acer each, and given throw gift deed in 2011, (registered). In the 2013 we are constructed half portion of house & stopped due to financial issues, and one fine day my uncle came to us and asks for time being to stay at our house thought at that time he was suffering from illness, so we decided to be stay. After 3 month my uncle has passed away. Further after 5 month we had informed to my uncles wife regarding to vacant the house and settled to your own home, but it’s surprised to hear from my Aunty statement, (repartition) she doesn’t want to live the present house rather than she is opposing to us to move toward her own house which is injustices for me. I need to understand the conclusion, what shall the step to be taken either we need to fight legally or else any suggestion form your end. So I have the question in my mind, So once the partition is made, Can we go for repartition, If case file by my end or else by opposition party end further repartition can be take place as per the law please clarify my doubt as soon as possible ?