Family Dispute to Divorce - 1 year old child custody?

Hai, Problem in my life: My wife was born in a luxury family and lived luxury life. She is having a Job. Her dad has not scolded her till now for any reason. It may be so, She wanted similar care from my family just like her dad use to do so. Also, she is not ready to put her 50% salary to home expense. Before marriage i clearly mentioned to their family that i need my wife to go to job and contribute her salary min of 50% to family. Also, She complains that she don't get care from her mom-in-law. (Infact mom-in-law does not care so much also she don't use to hurt her too, she is settled with her own activities). Because of her job she is not getting time to do any job in family and we don't have any problem in that. So, we told to arrange a homemaid and pay her salary (50% of her salary) so that her duty to home will be fulfilled by homemaid. She is not willing for that too. In short, i married to create an extra burden to my family. So, i made my financial contributions strict such that i pay for homemaid salary but will not look into her matters. All expense of her to be taken care of by herself. She is not ready for that too. She says she is enough with this life with me. Her family is also supporting her telling that they had provided all facilities to her and i should do the same. My Question: My question is, I love my son very much. So i don't wish to dispute with my family but she is not able to adjust with me. She say's she is going for divorce and son will be with her. All court will be in favour of her. Her family too supports. I am not willing for divorce but if she is willing i am not going to oppose her. But i want my son with me. Is there any possibility? I am worried about that?