Termination and thing there on

Hi , I am was working in web development concern in Chennai for 5 years and was terminated (called me 5pm asked to leave immediately) because the project was taken back as the Client would not rely upon Indian companies. They did not serve me any notice period or any compensation. I had no other go I had to move to labour authorities for help. I did not file a complaint . However in this situation after a 2 months I had received a mail and termination letter stating that I have taken away the laptop and taken away the important data from the company. The laptop is in my possession and I am ready to hand over it i had send two mails on the day after i had received this termination letter and one week back , but they did not reply for it. Now they filed a case, the police is calling me continuously when asked about the what case is filed against and contents of the complaint they are asking come in person to the police station .I am not in mood to got the police station as I believe the company would have bribed them or might have used influence. Kindly suggest me how to take things further. Regards, Prem.