regarding false dowry case

Three years before I got married and at that time and presently she was not having a proper house ,her father died 6years before and her mother and my wife was staying at their grandmothers house from where we got father and me at that time told we are not happy with the house which is 1 km apart from grandmothers house,after her fathers death they r staying at grand mothers house,at that time her uncle promised that u don't worry about the house as soon as possible we are looking for a new father told see its not for me or for my son ,tommorow whn my relatives or my son friends come to visit the home he should not want to bring down his dignity.they promised according to that.presently as they want me to go to there old house which we r not liking before marriage .m,y wife and I was staying happly and there is no problm inbetween us we love more than a husband and wife two months before I let her for staying at her home for few days but she has not come back ,due to her mothers and uncles brainwash they made her to hate me as I don't support or agree with her families my wife is telling she don't like to come with me.I was shocked,iam totally mentally depressed.niw they complainted a false dowry case against me and my family.and telling that I hav not givn food I have beaten her etc etc: .but there are so many photos of me and my wife and the messages between us to prove there is nosuch case of dowry harrasement . we were living 100%happily ,is it possible to proove through the messages and photos that we were 100% life enjoying couple.I have already applied for a bail and wat is the next thing I hav to do .pls give me an advise ad soon as possible.