Gift deed

This is regarding a land that was sold by my grandfather to the builders 20 years back. Mentioning in the registry that 2 shops will be given to my sons as a gift of their own choice ,Due to a dispute between the builders the building remains incomplete and thier disputed matter is in court . Due to the dispute we didn't ask them for the shop but now got to known that thier matter is going to get resolved soon . WE HAVE SEND THEM THE NOTICE REGARDING ARE SHOPS . In past we have asked them for the shops ORALLY but no proper answer was given by any of the partners . On the day of their final hearing we have putten an obejection in front of the judge . After that judge has asked the partners to give the answers against the objection that has field by us. one of their partner (who is an advocate)asked us for the affadavit regarding the shop that we want which was given by us .but now he is demanding to take back the objection first and he is ready to given the shop .and we are demanding to give us the possesion and the agreement regarding the shop first than we are ready to take back the objection that was field by us . He is now pressoring that u first give me the application of the backingoff from the case . AND IS NOW REFUSING THAT I WILL NOT GOING TO GIVE U ANY SHOP NOW .WHAT SHOULD I DO IN THAT CASE. BY FIGHTING IN THE COURT WILL I BE GETTING MY SHOPS