Gay husband and abuse

I am the wife of a gay man. I am basically from India, lived in Dubai for most part of my life. Worked in the US for 5 years and now live in London. I got married last Sep and moved from US to London in Dec. We were introduced by our families, n were dating long distance. A week after the wedding I saw some disturbing texts on his phone about an encounter with a man to his best friend of 15 years. I talked to him and immediately believed when he said that he was straight. In Feb, I happened to see emails/chats that confirmed his SSA for about 8 years with this so called Best friend. Who btw, is married and has 2 kids. :( My family is highly educated however they consider it as an illness and persuaded me to consult a psychiatrist and start treatment. It's no longer considered as an illness in most countries yet my family, his family and HE believes that I can cure him. He was getting emotionally abusive. Claimed to kill me and himself if I told anyone, claimed to see the ghost of his father in our house. Would come late and started asking me for money. Once when I felt he would abuse me physically I said I will call the cops. He would drink and sing n laugh in his room all night and started to ask me for rent for living in that house. Fearing my own safety, I packed my bags n moved to a hostel in London. Now, am in a strange land, no friends or support system, battling with an emotionally abusive gay husband n a society that is unaware of homosexuality and a family that considers it as a failure that I couldnt "cure" a gay man. I am trying to figure out what is the easiest way to get divorced from him. I just want to escape from him. Can I file a criminal case on cruelty or should I still wait for a year before applying for a divorce? I have emails and photos confirming his same sex behavior and message where he tells his boyfriend that am workiing and he has saved his boy friends name under a different name so that I wont suspect.