cheating, vetbal and physical abuse

My friend's daughter married 10 months back to a boy who already married and separated. No idea whether he had a register marriage earlier. Before marriage he informed to this girl about his earlier marriage and that was a mistake. Soon after the marriage she conceived and now she delivered a baby girl. Now after marriage he has relationship with other girl too. From other sources found out that he roam around with this new girl. If my friend's daughtet questions, he beats her and call all abusive words. His mother also supports him. Now few days back he beaten her when she vosited her in laws house to bring her clothes from there. My friend's daughter does not feel safe in his husband's house and wanted to stay in her mother's house as he has no feeling for her or for the child They have taken loan paid huge amount as dowry but she is not getting proper food in thay house. In this situation what her parents should do? Can she file for a divorce ? What the law says? No one is there to help them.