Parking issues

Hello sir, I have been facing a real ruckus from many years related to my stilt parking sold to me by the developer of the society in the year 2006. Due to increasing volume of cars being parked in my society I am unable to have a easy and free access to my stilt parking. My society office has not been supportive about this and I am been compelled to park my car outside society premises. I need your expert advice on following questions: 1.) Can my parking space be taken over by society and eligible to redistribute despite of paying for my parking space? 2.) My registered agreement specifically mentions that developer agrees to sell and I agree to buy stilt parking no.xx, Can this be challenged by any court of law? 3.) Registered bye laws adopted by the society mentions very clearly that I own the rights to enjoy the said parking and I am entitled to transfer the same at my discretion, can this bye law be in gross violation and be challenged in any court of law? 4.) What legal remedy should I opt to resolve this issue?