Corruption in college administration.

This may look like a silly question but it is affecting thousands of students in our college and involves crores of rupees. Our college has stopped taking monthly payments of mess bills and has started asking for a mess advance for every semester, which they have made a must for semester registration. In the past they used to take money on a per month basis for whatever the mess bill was for that month. But they have stopped this practice since 2 years and are taking advance mess money by saying that whatever will be left will be adjusted in the mess advance of next semester. But since then they have stopped showing the mess bills and do not tell the monthly food cost and at the end of the semester we don't have any information as to how much amount is left. And they again take fresh mess advance for next semester and repeat the same. Without returning or adjusting the remaining money of previous mess bills. Talking about numbers there are around 3500 students and each student has to give 12000 Rs mess advance, that sums up to 4,20,00,000 Rs. Out of which at least 2000 Rs per student is left per semester (4 months) i.e. 70,00,000 Rs which is 1,40,00,000 Rs per year. Many students are very poor and are forced to pay the advance money which is never used transparently and returned. Shouldn't they provide the bills about how that money was used per student? Please help. How can this condition be handled? Will RTI help? What sections of law will cover it and how? Advance thanks for any help or thought.