Want to know that what laws is in favor of Mens.

Hi All Sir/Ma'am, I want to share my situation with all of you and want to know the result of this. I fall in love with a girl lived in Gujrat since 2009 and after so many problems at the last, in 2015 both parents were agreed for our marriage. But after that, misunderstanding buildings between my wife and my parents. She always report me that she said this, he said this and i know that all is due to different cultures. And always i tried to understand my wife that my parents are not wrong, their ways to talk is different and you are facing problem as understanding is different. But she always said that you are also like your parents, you all are harassing/torturing me. Now the situation is that she left from my house in which all of us are living and went to her parents home and saying that i will came only if you left your family and live with me separately. I know that my parents and innocent here and there is no problem from there side. This is only due to misunderstanding between them. Now i want to go to her home and want to discuss all in details with her parents. Here my question is, if in any case they said that NO, WE ARE NOT SENDING OUR DAUGHTER WITH YOU then what can i do. As my parents are innocent so i didn't accept that they file any case on them. So please help me out that what can i do now. Because i see many time, that, if a women file any case then almost all the laws are in favor of her. My marriage was on 7th May 15 and i lost my Father on the same date of June. So in the current situation, i didn't accept that in any case my mother has to face police or any court. I already scheduled my journey to gujrat at the end of this month. So before that please help me out from here that what can i have to do there and what i don't have to do. Because i am not sure that what is running in their mind and what they want to record as a proof to file a case on me or my parents. ................................................ This is the overall situation of mine. Now we leave separetly from my mothers home and still her reaction is not good. She wants that i never contact with my family member. She told me that her parents will came on this month to discuss all the issues but now when the month end is here now her answers is changed and said that their tickets is not confirmed yet so they will came on next month. My 1st anniversary will be on May 7th. I want to know that are they waiting for 1 year? Is there are laws for which they are waiting for for 1 year? They said that they will came and let their daughter back with them. Please suggest me what can i do now? Thanks and Regards, XXXX