Husband cheated

hi, I have a question about my marriage, my husband and I had a love marriage not known to his parents but they got to know about it he left me about 3 months ago on account of getting his father treated, since then he had switched off his mobile and has not been in touch with me...I called up his monher who told me they dont accept me neither our marriage. Its been 3 months he never bothered to know how I was whether I was alive or dead...I have been patiently waiting for him but now my patience has run out, I dont see any future with him, I dont want to be with him but I want to file a case against him and want him to be punished(jailed) for what he did to me, I want justice and want him and his family to be punished but they are very powerful and wealthy people, his father has many contacts with lawyers, he said to me last time that he would make accusations against me that I presurrized him into marriage which is a complete lie,then he said I am mentally not fit and he has several reports of my depression and during our marriage. I am broke from inside, I just want to commit suicide but I dont want to give my dad any more pain....I just want these people to be punished knowing that these people are living their life normal kills me everyday.