Grandfathers property

Hello, we have a property of 7000sq ft house which was built by granfather and it was divided equally between my father and my fathers brother after my grandfathers death my grandfather did not did any will or writings their son's itself divided the property my father got expired 12years back after my father death my father sold his share of property and went off wen i was in minor and we not aware of this what my fathers brother did was after he sells his property the remaining half property is between my grandmother and my mother and in the agreement hr mentioned like after my grandmothers death the property will be transafering to my mother what i wanted to do is i want my entire grandfather property in my name and i am only grandson to my grandfather as my father's brother sold his property is there any chance so that i can acquire a property again in name could you please advice me in this or if you did not understand situation could you please forward you email id or could you please reply me through my email mentioned below. will be waiting for your reply