Deputation Related

Dear Advocates, I was working with one nationalized bank and got deputation to other govt. bank due to which I was posted to Dehradun, Utrakhand. As I belong to Karnataka, I started having health issues due extreme weather and stress. I applied for leaves out of which some are sanctioned but others were neither sanctioned nor rejected from central office end. but without confirmation they deducted my salary for those days that is too without any intimation to me. I was also denied my shifting allowance stating that I was on loss of pay during that period whereas half of period was sanctioned by them. very next month again I had to visit thrice in the space of 15days and took steroids for working. Thereafter as per doctor suggestion I went for some treatment. for which again I submitted my request for leaves which was again not answered by management. I tried to recover from my health issues but could not succeed. I had already submitted my request for transfer which was assured by management but there was no much progress. Finally seeing management attitude, I came back to my home state and applied for Reversal to my parent organization which was also not replied until today. I have some queries and I want to take legal against management. Kindly suggest. Note: I am working as Assistant Branch Manager, did not sign any contract to come on deputation except willingness to work. I have more than 4 months leave in my credit after 6 years of working. Queries : 1) Can medical leave be rejected without stating proper reason? even after submission of doctor certificate? 2) Can salary be deducted with out intimation of staff? 3) If staff has incurred some expenses to shift his/her luggage at working place then can management decline claim stating that staff was on loss of pay? 4) If sufficient nos of leave are available to staff still can he/she be made loss of pay? 5) If any staff wants reversal from deputation, can he/she be denied? 6) How to claim deducted salaries? Please guide me in this regard. I may be contacted @ [deleted]