Separation agreement between me and my wife

My marriage occured on 14 march 2015. Due to differences of opinion and disputes having arisen between me and my wife. we planned to separate apart on dec 24th 2015 by making a mutual agreement in a plain paper (A4) for following conditions 1. The parties shall live separately from each other till 15/03/2015 and apply for mutual concern divorce (MCD) in honorable court and no party shall have any authority over the other or shall institute any legal proceeding. 2. The wife has agreed for lump sum settlement of Rupees TEN lack form husband for maintenance and alimony for MCD of which eight lac has been given as initial payement. 3. The wife will retain all her jewels (300 pawns) as her properly at her parent house which was given by her parent’s as gift during her marriage. AND the wife may remove all her jewelry (20 pawn) and other personal effects, etc. belonging to her from the husband’s place and retain the said goods as her separate properly and give husband's property on 15th march 2015. 4. The husband may retain all house hold item like (TV, refrigerator, washing and utensils etc) belonging to her in husband’s place as separate properlyand give wife's property on 15th march 2015. 5. This agreement shall be executed in duplicate. The original shall be retained by the husband and duplicate by the wife. Question 1) As my wife has drafted it in plain paper and states that this is valid in court if both of us sign. I want to know whether this would be valid document in honorable court of law. 2) she and her father are for urgent settlement for which i have agreed. 3) What if she denies the signature in later stage or it is required that i have to have two witness for signature who are Group-A officer working with me. 4)