Nullification and mcd: respected experts save my soul

I applied for a Nullifcation under 12C under gounds of 1) forceful consent 2) girl hid had she has one ovary, organ required for becoming mother, she can become mother but but she concealed missing organ 3) Hiding her age. But the problem is proving them is not easy even with proofs. More than a year had passed and now the girl wants to end it and is ready for nullifcation but she doesn't want to agree to these consent terms but problem is she had filed her written statement in response to mine and thus we cannot ask for ex parte. Now she says I can agree to condition acceptable to both but not terms like this but she doesn't understand that we have lready filed written statement. We are ready for MCD but I am not willing to withdraw nullification as lawyer has told me what if she changes her consent mid way and your nullification is gone. She is ready to include a clause in MCD that she cannot withdraw her consent but lawyer says its could be possible but agreement can be brokem. Is there any way , any judgements to keep sure she doesn't back track with her consent if we withdraw petition and file MCD? Or even if she withdraws her consent after mentioning it on the agreement, we can still get divorce under MCD? Also if any way we can get the first idea i.e. nullification to be possible?