Can wife claim for gold in mutual consent divorce ?

Hi The divorce was signed 4 months ago on mutual consent claiming no exchange of articles and no maintenance to be given by the husband to the wife.The marriage has dissolved in only 2 years approx. However the girl is now dropping a mail claiming/ordering to bring all the gold that was given to her by the husband and his family/relatives/inherited from deceased and clothes and cosmetics. The husband is abroad.The girl left few months ago with her mother but left her "gifts"(she claims by sending mails) behind and is asking the husband to get all the gold and the clothes and cosmetics. Moreover she has lost 3 lakhs of Gold (she said) when they were in marriage and she was travelling to India alone.She may have kept the gold with herself.we have no proof. will the husband have to bring all the stuff that she mentioned above taking into the account the extra baggage and customs for international travel. Also the girl's family hardly spent (almost 2 /3 lakhs) on her marriage and remaining was spent by the husband's family(more than 15 lakhs) can that be divided now as the divorce was based on mutual consent.