Does Son have a right on the Property which his Grandfather left?

Hi, my name is Shiva Verma and I am 27 years old. My grandfather died just 1 1/2 years ago and left his property. In that property my Chachaji was living along with his wife and an adopted Son, my grandmother and grandfather. After death of my Grandmother and Grandfather now he is living with his family. It is around 260-300 Gaj Property, Two Floors and Tenants are also living. Way back when my mother and father got married, they got divorced just after a year when I was born. When I got 7-8 years old, they again got married and started living together. However my grandmother and grandfather always used to torture me and my mother due to dowry and my grandfather’s Army attitude. After sometime, my father, me and my mother started living on rent in Patel Nagar but lived there for around 1 year. After sometime, a person from Uttam Nagar owed some money from my Chachaji, which he could not give back to my Chachaji, that’s why he gave his house to my Chachaji worth Rs 2 -2.5 Lacks at that time. Then me, my mother, and my father were shifted into this house which is 40 Gaj. My question is, right now my grandfather is no more and father is still alive. Can I get my part of the property or share right now, because my father and now my mother also are making situation critical for me, my wife and my coming baby. My wife’s delivery is in November 2014. My father also tried to torture my wife in the beginning when I was just got married, just like his father used to torture my mother. I was a kid so I could not help my mother however not I am no more a Kid so I did not let my father torture my wife. I want to know the ways of getting my share out of the property so that I can be apart from them, I have no problem if my parents stay with me, and however they have to take their share also, so that we will have nothing to do with my Chachaji and his family. My Chachaji is living on the land on which I have right also and he is taking rent from the several tenants living over there. When I was not married, the electricity bill of my family was paid by my Chachaji and father. My father and Chachaji are into their old business which Times of India Depot. This business is in Tilak Nagar Property. When I was not married, Uttam Nagar’s Electricity Bill, Gas Cylinder, Water Bill, Ration everything was paid by them. But now, nothing is happening, because now I have a family also so that they cannot do it now. I was earning good before and after I got married. I built two flats also. Everything I earned from my job and my business, I spent on these flats and anything which was left, spent on my album. I am a Singer and in the process of releasing my own Religious Album from Sonotek. Now I have no money. I don’t want to do job. I want to do my business. I am intelligent and have lots of guts of doing and developing the business. If I have money, then I can open up my own business, in which me and my family can eat well and wear well. However, my parents are not even asking us for food or buying it for us. We sometimes sleep hungry, my wife is 16 weeks pregnant. My parents create problems for me and my wife also. I just want to take my share and go away and want to live with my family. What is the way, please show it to me. For more detail, you can call me back at [deleted]/[deleted]. Thank You.