16 Cents land dispute with my borther

Sir I have a land dispute with my brother. My parents have given 10 Cent of plot with house given to my elder brother in 1992 without surveying and fixing the boundary of his land. And in two years back again my elder brother has purchased 5 cents from my father without surveying the boundaries where as we have got total 48 Cents plot together with three different survey number. After that my father has given me a land of 16 cents with the help of a surveyor and fixing the boundaries and it is registered under my name with the full ownership of my parents until their death. And accordingly, I have completed all the legal procedures including registration of my land, obtaining encumbarance certificate, possession certificate and I have started the construction of my house. Now my brother is claiming that part of the land given to me is belongs to him where as I mentioned above that he has not done any survey of his boundaries before registering his land. In this situation how can I settle the issue. Regards BINU VASAVAN