I have filled divorce in 2014 .. After all proceeding we are finaly reffered to cousellor he reported that this mairriage had no future and settlemrnt can be done fot mutual divorce, and our case landed into lok adalat there her father came and said we will not give divorce let the case go for 10-20 years. My family realtive everyone tried to counsel them that with your ego u are destoying your daughters future she can remarry. But he and his daughter everytime comes and say we will not give. Now my questions.... 1.Can judge offer me divorce or if he gives judgement that divorce granted and then if she she says i will not give what will happen. 2. I am frustated tortured please guide me how long she can extend this case .. Does accuring divorce for a man is so difficult .. Does only her will will be counted. 3. Will i be considered an object without any feeling and no one can provide me with divorece. I hate that lady i even cant bear looking at her ..and after all these my anger ignites like anything after seeing her ... I feel like very changed person i was never like this kindly suggest. I have tobtravel every month from bangalore to jaipur for my case.