Neighbor demanding portion of land

Dear Sir, We have a plot in rural Kerala owned fully by us. During the construction of a pucca road, we already granted 1ft. land border along the road stretch for common good. The road was constructed successfully and people have been using the road (even mini-trucks) without any problem. There's also an electric pole right in front of our plot, so in effect between the road and our plot there's an electric pole too. Now some of the neighbors are demanding land from us, veiled threat to dispose of the land free to them or demolish the boundary around the plot so that they can park their cars. All their reasoning seems obvious excuses to extract the land or portion of it from us for free. Kindly advise how should I proceed, should we file any case, or display any warning board etc that may alleviate this constant pressure from them. I am a senior citizen and has difficulty travelling or seeking help. Please let me know the best recourse to take so that I and my family can have a peaceful life. Thanks,