How to get rid of my wifes torture she cribbs me a lot

Sir I got married in the year of 2010. Since the time of the marriage my wife's parents are dominating me.Wife mother have also used UN-parliamentary language, Still i was quit just not to spoil the marriage. I stay in Chennai and and native of Andhra Pradesh, I am working here in Chennai since 2005. As my wife wanted to stay with me alone here in Chennai starting days of the marriage she was at my Home and after lot of issues Bought her Chennai in year 2011. Now I am not the mind set of continuing my Job and going back to my Native as need to take care of my parents and business.But she dominates me every time to stay in Chennai. She speaks as she like still at times I have become hyper after the limit of the tolerance, I have given her every happy moment and made her to go to Job also but now in my need full time she says that she wanted to stay in Chennai alone. Or else she will take away the kid to her native or she can stay alone with Kid in Chennai. I have requested her not to send the Kid to play school and after that day care he is still 2.5years I requested here to please continue the job after he is 5 yrs. He goes morning 9am and returns back only by 6:30pm when we are returning from our office..This is also a Major concern.Her parents interference is also high. And after requesting lot she again this year enrolled my kid in the school.And no a days she is behaving in a very differently like she say as she like she quarrels screens I request her not to do the same as kid might get effected. I really love my kid and she is in a mentality that whatever it is kid will be with her as per law and as per her dominating behavior, Kindly help me out how to come out of it I wanted to return back to my home where kid can also be taken care as well I can look after my Business.. Please advise me thanks..