Partition of land

Hi, My Grandfather had bought an agricultural land(32 acres) which on his death belonged to my grandmom. Only 2 acres property is left unsold at the time of her death. My mom has 2 siblings and we are 4 daughters and I am the youngest. My mom passed away 20 yrs back. 6 years back the property was sold by my uncle, aunt and my sisters to a buyer as an agricultural land setting aside a portion(17 cents) for me in 2003. This was done without my knowledge and I came to know about it when the buyer started to pressurize me to sell that portion to him. But the registration was cancelled by govt since it was property was undervalued in 2006. After that Recently when I checked EC for the property, the agriculture land has been converted to house site. In that a portion of 15 cent is sold to the same buyer in 2 different registrations. My uncle and Aunt claims to have sold 2/3 of the 15 cent which is 10 cents and in another registration my 3 sisters have sold their share 5 cents claiming to have set aside my portion of land. And again this was also done behind my back. Now it looks like they are diving the land into multiple portions and selling them portion by portion to the same buyer setting aside a small portion(without telling how many cents). This will result in me getting ~1 cent in different parts of the whole land making it difficult for me to sell the land to anyone else except the same buyer, there by forcing me to sell the land to him or to leave the property itself since I will not have any valid document for claiming any portion as mine at the end of it.(So far the EC says only 2 registrations said above has happened, but am suspecting more in the pipeline). My uncle along with his wife(my sister) conspired this and wanted to take away the complete property.(Of the initial 32 acres 27 acres were sold by only my uncle by threatening my grandmom, my aunt and my sister). My mom has not singed any sale deed. But he had managed to sell all those properties which belongs to my mom as well. My mom's name and my grandmom has same name, so he claimed the property as my grandmom's while selling. I am not having sufficient time/help to fight for the entire property which belongs to my mom. Now even for the 2 acres, which was my mom's share of the property is not registered as my mom's share, so he is getting 1/3rd share of it. My other 2 sisters are also not in talking terms with me since my uncle had promised money for them and would not sit to partition the land in peaceful way. Need advice here 1. How should I approach this case? How can I get my share of the land a a single piece? 2. Is there a way to nullify the above 2 registrations which happened in 2013? 3. Will the sale be valid when the land is partitioned without my knowledge or approval? 4. If I have to file a case, what case will it be and on whom? How long will it take for the case to get resolved? 5. Is it ok for me to claim a portion of land as mine as per the number of cents I should be entitled and sell it, leaving the rest for them to partition as housing sites? 6. Is there a way to prevent future sale in this land without my knowledge or consent. I want to get this property money quickly and dont want to spend too much back and forth discussions(we had tried discussing with my uncle for 10-15 yrs without any result and I got to know from EC only that the property is sold without my knowledge.)