Fraud or Cheating by a Girl

I am engineer working in a reputed firm and was given a task of hiring people into my firm for technical and non technical roles. One such role was Personal Secretary I had posted ads in various free online job postings and got a reply from one girl and she messaged her number in the job posting upon that I contacted her and called for interview to my office and she visited without any resume and was told to fill company data form for details and interview went on well and informed her would confirm in next 3 days as we are interviewing many other candidates as well .. In next day she messaged on my number stating we can negotiate on salary and I asked for her photograph and resume as a matter of process for PS role and which she sent only photo and even after several questions she said photo was sent which I did not receive at all.. All of a sudden she comes in next day to office harrasing me my uncle would talk to u and u r asking me personal benefits so he would talk to police and I got scared ln the interest of losing my job and fame and uncle as 37 year old guy comes and takes me out of office and harass me on police grounds and some IPC section etc and later I said I cannot come to police he talks to me to and agrees for lakhs or rupees I said I am not a big guy and demands for 30k and finally agreed for 20k and forcibly took me to ATM and he did not come inside ATM and and convinced the girl and says he has warned me and deletes our conversation in her phone in front of me and makes me apologies to her and left the place I have noted their car number and was left traumatized kindly help me what I need to do without losing fame in the society and work life as we r middle class families and I have made to think of abroad opportunity in terms of job and I am completely down due to this scenario