Ipc 456

Respected Sir, This to bring to your kind information that i have been charged u/s 456 of IPC. Actually what happened that I have some domestic problem with my family therefore, i am living away from my family and i am having very hectic job. Due to lot of tension in job and my domestic problem i cant sleep at night and get very anxious. Therefore i started taking psychiatric treatment to sleep at night through Reg. Practitioner. In the month of July after my work i came to home at 08:00 PM and took my medicine at 08:30 PM and started working on my Laptop i get get busy on my FB with chitchatting with my friends. when i seen the timing its near about 09:15 PM i rushed to my mess for my dinner. i did my dinner at near about 09:40 PM but while taking dinner i did'nt feel well i feel some kinds of drowsiness / sleeping seance and i cant control my body properly and i cant remember any direction while driving.While driving i put my vehicle on one road and hit some telephone poll / electric poll. As the street have no light i step out from car and i started to search someone to ask for help or to ask where i am. But i found some people took me away forcefully and a very big mob started punching me and heating me. then one Police Person (Charly Police Person) took me to Local Police station and there i found some one is lodging false complaint against me that in the intoxication of Alcohol i entered to their house to do some kind of crime. Police arrested me and on next day i took bail. I want to ask only one question that Police not done any kind of MLC and not even taken my Blood samples and urine samples that i had drunk alcohol they had done Medical and given injury certificate. Now my matter is on the board for evidence. Can court give punishment to the person who is Psychiatric patient and taking Psychiatric Medicine. Because i dont remember any things what happened that night and where i went. before the incident took place 3 days ago my doctors had changed my medicine and increased the powers and doses. I am in very great problem because of that i lost my job and i get on road.