Cancellation of booking

Initially when I was contacted by BullMan reality for Supertech ECO VILLAGE-1 Alberia project. I have been told that under the subvention scheme the terms of the payment will be as follows: S. Particulars % 1. at the Time of Booking 2% 2. With In 30 days 3% 3. On start of excavation work / 90 days ( whichever earlier ) 3% 4. On start of 2nd floor / 180 days ( whichever is earlier) 2% 5. On offer of Possession 10% The rest 80% will be paid through bank home loan and the EMI will be paid by the supertech till the offer of posession.So, I will not have to pay any EMI till possession. Also, the details of the property will be mentioned on the contract on the maximum loading, carpet area etc. But, after giving the booking amount Rs. 1, 20, 000 I have never received any such information ever. Even after repeated emails. What I received from them is the demand letters. Finally when I wrote a letter for either provide everything in writing what promise made at the time of booking or refund the booking amount, they return with a mail asking for deduction of 15% of the property value. Please suggest. -------------------- Mail From Supertech: ------------------------------------ Refund is made as per the terms & conditions of booking form which you have signed. Kindly send your request for refund to the concern department .i.e CRM or mail to [deleted] for the same. As per booking form:- Clause No. 7. Cancellation Charges In case of cancellation /rejection either of provisional booking or allotment of the residential unit/plot/commercial space because of any reason whatsoever, the cancellation charges amounting to 15% of the total cost of the residential unit/plot/commercial space or Rs. 25000/- whichever is higher shall be deducted from deposited amount of the applicant(s). ---------------------------------- Mail I wrote to them: ----------------------------------- I would like to bring to your attention that from the beginning of this deal, I have not received any correct communication either from Bullman Reality or Supertech at all the times. The promises made at the time of describing the project was never part of any document or written proposal thereafter. After paying the initial booking amount Rs. 1, 20, 000, I had started getting just the demand letters from the Supertech and nothing else specifying the details of the property (including the specification, carpet area, loading, payment plan details mentioning the no EMI till possession etc.). After a repeated e-mail to all the person involved with me during the whole process (all are copied in this mail) in Supertech and Bullman reality I didn’t get any reply on the promises made. Neither they forwarded or provided me with details of anyone who could have further assisted me. Even the contract that was sent to me by Supertech mentions only about the total payment that I have to make and nothing about the details about the property (only the no. of the unit and tower, nothing related to the carpet area, loading etc) and the promised payment terms (i.e. no EMI till possession, EMI till possession will be paid by the builder etc.). And that was the reason of contract not got signed. There has been no communication from your side related to my query on the promises made to me that relates to the carpet area, payment plan, loadings, building terms and conditions even after repeated communication email from my side. There was no contract signed due to this and now I have received a NOC from the Bullman Reality for the refund as the promises and conditions cannot be fulfilled. I am attaching the copy of NOC with this email. I would like to insist for the refund of the advance amount paid by us while placing the order. The net amount Rs 1, 20, 000 is to be kindly returned as the agreement not yet signed and remains defunct. Please feel free to contact me for further information. Kindly arrange for the early payment of the refund amount rather at the earliest possible.