Ex parte decision on restitution of conjugal rights

Sir, My wife letf our conjugal home of her own accord against my advice in 2013 (documentary evidence available). She filed a case for restitution of conjugal rights at her home town in Jun 15. I attended the first hearing, where there was no judge posted to the court. The next hearing was scheduled on 31 Oct 15, which I could not attend due to a medical emergency. I duly informed my wife on 30 Oct 15. She did not inform me of the date of next hearing, till after I sent her a mail. On 19-20 Nov, she told me that the next hearing was on 01 Dec 15. I was unable to attend the hearing at such short notice due to service commitments, which also I duly informed her. She has till date not informed me of the next date of hearing. When I tried to find out through other sources, I am told that she has obtained an ex-parte decision in the matter. Is it possible to obtain such decision on my missing 2 hearings? Without reference to the merit of her case, is this right in itself? Is she supposed to tell me the dates of the next hearings of her accord considering it's a case for restitution of conjugal rights in her home town, away from my place of posting?