Domestic violence

I am 10 year married women with two kids. Suffering mental n physical tourchers by my husbands n in hubby use to hit me n abuse me if I don't follow his rules. I am not allowed to meet my parents Not allowed to go market without his permission. He give me only rs 1000 monthly and 1500/2000 once in a year for clothes. I opened boutique to get financial and mental support, but his family member any how managed to stop it through my husband. If I raise voice he suddenly start hit me and abuse me. I don't want to leave him coz , I feel he s very powerful by source and wealth .he can make my life hell. Second for d sake of kids,I just want to stop him to hit me n abuse me. I want to start meeting my parents n my old boutique. Sometimes he threatened me that he has transferred all his property in others name, and if he will get sick or hospitalised police will catch me n all my mayka side relatives n will put them behind bar. In 10 years of my marriage I know that he s insecure don't want to leave me , or better to say he can't live without me, that is why I simply want to mild threaten that he stop abuse n hit me even won't able to stop me by meeting my parents. He won't be able to transfer his wealth to his bro n sis. In nutshell I request all my brother lawyers to help me to solve the scene without spoiling my marriage. Since he s doing all d things as per his family background, n fake support, and I want to stop him, change him not to leave him. Can I file a charge against all this without making this public,and without his knowledge so that his family won't b able to grab the property without my consent. Now I want to live with dignity and freedom. Thank you