Couple stay seperatly from father

Hello Sir/Madam, I have question on staying seperatly from parents. I have one brother and no sister. I am elder one. We both brothers are married from 1.5 years. We both are staying with wives and my father in own flat. Mother is deceased 3 years ago as she had blood cancer. We both are working in private companies. and father is retired gov. officer. Now the problem is - My wife is not comfortable to stay with my family. She feels that there is mently harrasment from my family members. but there is no such things here. actually she wants to live independently so She wants to stay seperatly from my family in ranted or new house. She is right now at her native home from 6 months. She is waiting for new house to stay seperatly with me. I feel there is no need to stay seperatly. The flat is 2bhk and family members are 5. It is efficient to stay at flat with family. But she cannot understand. and she does not agree to stay here anymore. I dont want to stay seperatly as I want to care my father. So the question is- Is there any law to stay compulsary seperatly? Is there any legel steps against my wife in such case? Please advise me what can be done to resolve the issue.