Sir my name is nitin. I admiited the college under punjab technical college in the base of sc scholorship btech and colleg said me you are free eligible to study of our colleg with sc scholarship then i agree for this. I submitted all original document in the time of admission but my final sem result original document is not available that time then i submitted the internet copy of this document.but the exam time college said my admission is cancel due to lack of document and your scholarship also is not receive for this momment and then the college my admission converted it into a winter admission without my concirn.and college say in winter addmission scholarship not applied.the i said to the college i want to quite this college and back my document.then college say your this year fees is not given by you and next year fees is be schloarship fees then i said to the college i need written of in case my schlorship is not recieve you then i not pay your college fees i pay anly schlorship fees. Then collrge write this in page but also write i case if i not submiited document per year timely then the student pay full fees.then i say college this situation of my document not subimitted in time is pay full fees is follow this year then college say it is not this year it is next future year then i agree. But one day check my accunt in my college they chargegd me also that year fees in which college promiss in not given by you. So what i do?