land dividing

A man have 3 daughters only .He married two daughters out and one was married with his brother 's son means he adopted brothers son and marry him with his middle daughter. But unfortunetly his daughter has dead in young age she has also two daghters only again she married one daughter out and adopt a sister's son and did his marry with her daughter which is younger . But her husband merry again with a divorced woman after her wife s death and have two child now there is dispute among property becoz he said land should be divided in 3 parts his first daughter which is adopted and her two step brothers but both the land owner are still alive they told land should be divided in two parts one his niece and other his late daughter's husband . But people are saying that land should be divide into three parts fristly than late dauhter s property will divide into part and who merry second time have no claim for property . But he is serving land owner so that they will give him half propertey other adopter nefew have two child he is also with serving for there grand parents and claimed for half of property. Grandparents also will them half sir this creates confusion kindly say any concultation